SELL your books.

Too many unused books on your shelves?

Let’s work together to turn your unneeded textbooks into additional funds for your school or district.

Contact us to have your unneeded books appraised. We can help you clean out your entire textbook inventory.

How do I submit books for your company to purchase?

The best way to submit a list to us is to email the ISBNs and the quantity you’re looking to sell to Doing it in this manner allows our staff to process your requests more efficiently.

How soon after I submit a list will I hear back from you?

Once we’ve received your list, one of our representatives will put together a comprehensive bid and email it back to you. The bid will have a breakdown of how much we’re paying for each item and how many we’re able to accept at that particular time.

If I accept the bid, am I responsible for shipping?

No, we’ll handle the shipping for you. If your bid is smaller, we’ll email you prepaid FedEx Ground Return labels for you to use to send the books back to us. If your bid is large enough that it’s on a pallet, we’ll have our freight forwarder come and get the package from you.

Am I responsible for boxing up the books I’m selling to you?

Yes, in most cases we would ask that you box the books you’re selling to us and if need be place them on a pallet (in the case of very large shipments); but if you’re in need of boxes, please let us know and we can send you boxes to use.

How are payments issued for bids, and how long will it take for me to receive payment?

All payments are issued via check. Once we receive and process your shipment, payment is generally issued within 1-3 business days. Checks are sent First-Class post and can take 3-8 business days to be delivered to you.

Is the company able to competitively bid on items via a public auction?

Yes, we frequently get items through public auctions and RFPs. We’re also able to provide a 1099 as needed.

Am I able to provide a counter offer to your bid?

Yes, you’re able to provide a counter offer to a bid we submit to you.

Why should I sell books to you and not other companies?

We are able to provide a more personal touch compared to other companies. Our representatives will usually get a bid for a list back to you within a business day. Also, in some cases we’re buying books that the other guys aren’t.

Do you only buy books?

As long as the item has an ISBN, we’ll be able to see if we’re able to purchase it.

Do you buy teacher’s editions of books?

Yes, we’ll evaluate teacher’s editions the same as student editions for purchase.

Do you buy electronics?

We do buy electronics. Items like graphing calculators and tablets can be evaluated for purchase as well.