About K12.

Make the most of your curriculum budget.

recycle - reduce - reuse

Part of a family of companies that has bought and sold tens of millions of books in the educational publication industry since 1994, K12 Book Services has the knowledge, experience, and infrastructure to effectively help large and small organizations make the most of their curriculum budget.

We are passionate about helping you attain the best value out of your curriculum material budget through technology, logistics, and knowledgeable professional services. Meet our staff below:

Mark Director

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from The Ohio State University. I was building homes and got into the book trade in 2008 as the housing market imploded.

I jumped into my capital partner’s textbook business and found that grade schools needed help with their unneeded books. It dovetailed perfectly with the college book business he had already begun. And voilà! K12 Book Services was born. I fell in love with the mission of helping schools and reusing/recycling books. It just felt great, and I stuck with it.

Additionally, since starting the K12 part of the business, I’ve actively participated in charity programs through The Oakstone Schools for Children with Autism, The Stratford Ecological Center, Rails to Trails Network, The Columbus Literacy Council, and multiple educational establishments with book donations. I’ve got 3 great, fully-grown children.

Fun fact: You can find me biking the entire Ohio-Erie trail this year.