BUY your books.

Looking for reasonably priced textbooks?

Let’s work together to attain the best value for your budget and curriculum.

Send us a list of books (and quantities) you’re looking for and a K12 Book Services Advisor will contact you.

What’s the easiest way to see if you have the book(s) I’m looking for?

You can either email us at or call our toll-free number (888) 735-7088 and speak with one of our account representatives, and they’ll be happy to assist you in locating the books you need. If it’s a longer list, we would recommend emailing it to us so we can ensure accuracy.

Are you able to take purchase orders?

Yes. If you’re a school or another organization that uses purchase orders (PO), we can accept those for payment for products sold to you.

What if you don’t have an item in stock that I’m looking to purchase?

We’ll try to broker an order. Brokering is the process of purchasing a book from another location and having it shipped to us and then sent to you. The reason we don’t send the item directly to you is that we want to check it before it leaves the warehouse in the event it is of poor quality. With brokering there will be extra time needed over a direct fulfillment, as we have to wait for the items to be delivered to us and then processed and sent out to you. The cost may be higher than direct fulfillment, as there is a greater cost on our part to get the item to you.

How long do I have to wait until I hear back on a quote I submit?

We strive to get all quotes back to you within 1 business day.

How do I check the status of a shipment to us?

To check the status of a shipment, you can reach out to us by phone at (888) 735-7088 or email us at

How do I submit payment for an order placed?

An invoice will be sent to you by our accounting department with instructions on how to pay for the order(s).